How Can You Buy Instant YouTube Views?

Follow the simple step-by-step process given below to buy instant YouTube views for your videos:


Choose a Package

Check various YouTube packages & purchase a package as per your needs.


Enter Billing Details

Enter essential details like name, email, and YouTube video URL.


Make Payment

Click on place order and make payment using our secure payment gateway.


Order Delivery

Your order is placed and will be delivered within the mentioned time frame.

Buy High Retention YouTube Views

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Get Fame on YouTube with High Retention Views

YouTube views play an essential role in growing any YouTube channel. Due to this, many YouTubers focus on getting more views on their channel. Until now, we have successfully delivered 5,457,470,564 high retention YouTube views to our clients globally. Hence, if you want to take your YouTube channel to new heights, then one of the surefire ways is buying high retention YouTube views.

Buy Country Targeted YouTube Views

Want to target users of a specific country? Then look no further.
You can buy country-targeted YouTube views to ensure that your video
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Why Should You Buy YouTube Views from YTViewsonly?

Have you ever tried buying YouTube views on your videos, but never got high retention views? Then, YTViewsOnly is the best option. Buying YouTube views has helped many YouTubers to build authority, increase views and subscribers. Here are some of the benefits of buying YouTube views from YTViewsOnly.


High Retention YouTube Views

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Instant Delivery

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We provide high-quality YouTube promotion services by using the best tools & technologies. It helps you to grow your channel on YouTube efficiently.


Convenient & Fast Payment

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A user-friendly and easy-to-use dashboard helps you to view the total number of orders you have made on YTViewsOnly.

Key Reasons to Buy YouTube Views

There are many reasons to buy YouTube views. Some of them are as follows:

Increase Traffic on Your YouTube Channel

When you buy high-quality YouTube views, your videos will showcase to your target audience. Hence, more users will spend enough time on the YouTube channel. It will help you get more views and ultimately increase traffic on your YouTube channel.

Gain More Subscribers on Your Channel

The ultimate purpose of any YouTuber is to obtain more subscribers. But, it requires a lot of time to get more subscribers who are just starting. As soon as one buys high retention YouTube views, it will reach more people on the platform. In the end, more users will subscribe to your channel.

Build Channel Authority

A channel’s authority depends on the total number of views, subscribers, videos, and overall age. Using the traditional method of posting high-quality content and waiting for the magic to happen will take years. On the contrary, buying high retention YouTube views helps you build the channel’s authority.

Build Your Social Proof

It is crucial to have social proof to become successful on any platform. On YouTube, users are drawn to channels with more subscribers & views. Due to this, beginners struggle to obtain the necessary views on their channel. It is better to buy instant YouTube views to build social proof in a quick time.

Increase Your Chances of Success

Even after posting some great videos, you might not be getting desired results. When you buy instant YouTube views, you increase the chances of your videos going viral within a few days. Your videos start ranking better on the platform, and it will ultimately increase views on your channel.

Higher Search Rankings

When you buy high retention YouTube views, you can rank higher on the platform and Google. The reason being, Google gives preference to YouTube content that has more views and likes. When you buy YouTube views, you rank higher on the relevant search queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that users have whenever they think of buying YouTube views:

Is it safe to buy YouTube views?

Absolutely! It is totally safe to buy youtube views from YTViewsOnly. We provide a secure payment gateway to make payments. Moreover, our representatives cannot even view your payment details.

Is it okay to buy 1 million YouTube views for my channel?

If you are starting on YouTube, then it’s not recommended to buy 1 million views at once as your video might get banned.

Is buying YouTube views legal?

Definitely. Buying Legit YouTube views are legal in most countries worldwide. Also, YouTube does not restrict anyone from purchasing views unless it is fake.

How long will it take to reflect increased views on my channel?

As soon as you place an order on YTViewsonly, we tend to provide service quickly. Also, you can check the delivery time of the service when you buy instant YouTube views. We aim to provide the best customer satisfaction.

Are my orders and personal information kept anonymous?

We strictly follow all the privacy policy practices and ensure to keep order & personal information anonymous. We value your privacy and never share personal or order details with anyone. Due to this, people worldwide trust us for the services.

Can purchasing YouTube views grow my channel?

Absolutely. Buying high retention YouTube views will help you to reach a wider audience and increase social credibility. It will further help you grow your YouTube channel.

Are there certain countries where you don't accept orders?

We accept orders from countries across the globe. You only need a proper internet connection to place orders on the site.